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Because of the medical procedure I'm having tomorrow (colonoscopy), I've changed my diet for the past week and haven't eaten much of anything for the past few days.  I won't be able to have food until tomorrow afternoon, and I'm SO. HUNGRY.  I'm craving a cheeseburger like nobody's business.  

Please- distract me and my grumbling belly! :faint:
I really, really want a cheeseburger. :( I have a colonoscopy tomorrow, so my tummy's completely empty. It's grumbly and sad.
Countdown to tomorrow morning when I go on a road trip to go see monsterkookies
What foods do you love that you can't buy in your country?  How do you get them?  

And a side note, I'm visiting monsterkookies this weekend! I'm in the US, she's in Canada.  What are some things she can't get in Canada that I should bring her? She already asked for Fruity Pebbles. 
Many of you shared in my last forum thread some of the awful things you've had to go through in your life, many that you're going through right now.  I was touched by the bravery of those people who were able to really put it all out there and own their negative experiences.  

That thread, along with an article I read, got me wondering- if you could change parts of your past, would you?

Here's a great article from Psychology Today in which Herschel Walker, an incredibly accomplished athlete, reflects on his struggles and answers that very question:…

He said, "
I wouldn't change anything about my past, because it's made me who I am today. You have to remember: You need to crack some eggs to make omelets. And I did crack some eggs."  

What about you?  Would you take out some of the painful parts of your life, or are you appreciative for the strength you've gain in overcoming them? 
I just realized that I haven't been back her in a long, long time.  And I haven't updated my journal in over a year!  Here's a summary of my life during that time. 

:bulletblue: I got really sick.  Crohn's Disease was kicking my ass. Big time.  My life all but came to a stand-still. I stopped beading and teaching classes, I stopped running, and I slept with a heating pad on my belly practically every night for MONTHS.  I tried going gluten free. I got worse.  I tried going lactose-free.  I got worse. At the point, I was struggling to eat pretty much anything.  So I went to my GI, who switched my meds. We waited for that to help, but it didn't.  So we tried something else, which also didn't work. And we tried one other thing, which didn't work either.  So after a colonoscopy and another chat with my GI, I'm now on 6mp and Humira. They're risky drugs, but so far, they've worked amazingly!  I am in complete remission!  

:bulletblue: Guess what happens after you go months upon months of not wanting to eat food because it causing you pain, then suddenly realizing that you can eat anything you want without suffering? You eat whatever you want. And you gain weight. Because food is AWESOME.  So I'm running again, and starting at the beginning of 2015, I will be carefully monitoring my food intake.  I have to break my sugar addiction, and I have to lose this weight and get sexy again!

:bulletblue: Want to know why I really have to work on getting sexy again?  Because I just got my 5th tattoo today!  It's a gorgeous, amazing, big monarch butterfly on my left shoulder blade, which looks awesome with my red roses!
Remember my roses? My back tattoos by Lady-Blue The new tattoo fits with them perfectly.  Except that I think I'm going to have my roses redone since they've faded so much and I would like them improved a little. 

:bulletblue:  Let's see... I went to Philly with my mom in the spring and got to watch Phantom of the Opera, which was awesome and soooo beautiful!  My mom and I went to DC last month, which was super duper fun. I will be teaching a beading class in February for the first time in over a year, and I'm super excited to teach again!  Oh!  I got a sewing machine over the summer and have been learning how to sew and do hand embroidery.  I'm LOVING it.  And I started volunteering at a hospice office early summer.  I spend a lot of my days there making things for patients and their families, so it's a lot of fun and I feel like I'm helping to make their lives just a little brighter. 

:bulletblue: I have a nanny blog now!  I post a lot of craft ideas, plus talk about kid-related topics and recommend books and stuff.  If you're a nanny or a parent, you might be interested!  It's 

:bulletblue:  I will have to post lots of things soon!  Photography from my trips, beading, and sewing stuff too!  

How's life been for you guys?  Is anyone actually going to read this or am I now forgotten? :P


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I am a beaded flower artist who specializes in unique statement jewelry.

I love (in no particular order) animals, fleece blankets, pancakes, nature, beads, my boyfriend Drew, sunshine, diet coke, chewy fruity candies, constructive critisism, cheese, swarovski crystals, "Survivor", and hot showers. I don't like wet socks, mosquito bites, mushrooms, scraping ice off my car, dirty fingernails, pecans, and laziness.

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